The scope of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Whenever we think of artificial intelligence (AI), we imagine all these futuristic robots and robotic voices, analyzing and visualizing a modern tech dystopian world. Most of us have watched at least one sci-fi movie, which features an AI taking over the naive human civilization. Well, we humans don’t have to be scared of AI, at least for now, and rather embrace the vast utility of AI. We don’t realize it but artificial intelligence has already taken over some of our domains and daily tasks, and one such domain is marketing. 

AI in marketing
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What is AI marketing?

Artificial intelligence helps in performing day-to-day tasks which would normally require human intelligence. Anything from problem-solving to streamlining data, AI has it covered. In a nutshell, AI marketing is the process of using artificial intelligence technologies to develop automated marketing solutions through automated data collection, data analysis, and forecasting trends that affect the marketing efforts. AI marketing efforts can help in streamlining and improving customer journeys through AI tools that use data and customer insights to provide quick and personalized communications with customers. After all, AI is best served when speed and big data are imperative for companies. Marketers and companies want to get rid of the guesswork involved that is needed at every step of the customer journey; to make it more accurate, automated and efficient.

Components of AI marketing

AI marketing has several components associated with it that help in truly leveraging the vast amount of customer data and information present, and creating meaningful insights and solutions for future actions.

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning is based on artificial intelligence. It consists of algorithms that involve analysing data and improving performance through experience. So in a nutshell, machine learning works on the historical data and then presents solutions that would increase the efficiency of the marketing efforts based on what has worked previously.

  • Big data

In today’s digital age, data is everywhere and the amount of data present is exorbitant. Websites and social media track and record user data every second which presents a great opportunity for marketers to create personalized solutions for their customers. 

  • AI-powered platforms

AI platform solutions are the bridge between a large amount of data and insightful marketing solutions. These platforms help in creating effective solutions which can help companies to make data-driven decisions to create an efficient marketing experience for their users. With platforms such as Connect Mór, you can analyse campaign ideas vs. content from similar businesses to get a prediction of how well it will perform, and suggestions about how it can be improved.

Use cases of AI marketing

AI has vast uses in marketing and unprecedented scope of growth in the future. But to be in line with our present technological limitations, we thought of presenting to you some of the top pragmatic use cases of AI in marketing based on some insights from the content marketing institute.

  • AI in digital advertising

Most of our traditional digital advertising consists of PPC ads put up by marketers on search engines or some social media channels. The process consists of trying out different keywords related to the product and then A/B testing different kinds of ads on the advertising mediums in order to find the most efficient way to advertise digitally. But AI changes the game completely, it speeds up the process by quickly identifying highly engaging keywords and testing out different ads based on historical data to show the top effective ad platforms or strategies for the companies. 

  • AI to create personalized UX on websites

The user experience on the websites can be vastly improved with the implementation of AI. AI can scan and lookup for heatmaps on the web pages to understand the different touchpoints of a user when they visit a website. This would help in creating personalized content that would drive high engagement rates for companies – thus making for a great website experience. 

  • AI-powered content creation

AI-powered content creation presents a plethora of opportunities for marketers. AI can be trained on the historical data to create lists of words or content that could drive a better engagement. Content created through AI is more personalized for the users and gives companies a chance to present their users with data-driven solutions rather than guesswork ideas.

  • Chatbots

We all know how effective chatbots can be. Of course, the human touch is important when it comes to customer service but with the increasing number of users each day especially on e-commerce sites, it becomes imperative for companies to have chatbots on their websites that are available 24/7 to answer the daily questions of the users. AI-powered chatbots give the chance to learn from all previous interactions of the users and also leverage the user data to create a more personalized and streamlined experience.

  • Automated image recognition

AI-powered image recognition solutions can help companies such as e-commerce companies to crawl through tens of thousands of images used for different product ranges and then leverage the data associated with those images to provide a more personalized experience to its users. Such algorithms can help in identifying if and why a particular image is scoring a higher engagement rate than its alternatives. Machine learning can use different data sets associated with the images to identify the touchpoints and present data-driven solutions.

In the world of digital marketing, AI marketing helps in creating and optimizing marketing campaigns. AI can help you leverage data to create insightful reports and reduce human error. But marketing as a domain is still very dependent on a personal human touch which brings in the elements of storytelling, emotions, and human connection.

To create a balanced approach, it is vital to have a mix of both human and AI elements in your marketing mix but one has to keep in mind that it is always the customer first.

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