Top upcoming social media trends that companies should pay attention to!

The world social media day just passed by on the 30th of June, and needless to say, the whole world celebrated the day unknowingly by just logging onto their social media accounts. The day is celebrated in order to highlight the increasing importance of social media in our daily lives. In the last decade, social media has played an important role in connecting people sitting across the globe; allowing for enhanced connectivity between individuals and especially during the tough Covid times. Social media proved to be a lifesaver for people quarantined away from their loved ones by providing them with the means of sharing their emotions.

Top Social media trends
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Social media has been a facilitator not only for individuals but also for businesses – large or small. The point to be noted is that small to medium businesses(SMEs) have been the prime benefactors of the wide outreach of social media, allowing them to connect with their customers more efficiently and economically. Some businesses have been on their toes in terms of creating engaging content on social media to relay their products and services to their customers. But social media is ever-changing and businesses need to stay alert to upcoming social media trends to stay visible to their users amidst the ever-increasing competition. 


Upcoming social media trends

  • Being authentic on social media

Users are baffled by the increasing number of brands on social media. Constant ads bombard users – the moment they log in to a social media account they are pestered. In these times where the traffic on social media is so busy with every brand trying to pay to reach customers, it’s imperative for brands to gain authenticity. Businesses need to realize that users are seeking a personal touch that makes them feel valued rather than a general basic argument designed for the masses. The customers want to put a face to a brand and feel connected to it before they spend their hard-earned money on any kind of product. 

  • Increase in Video-based content

According to a study by Cisco, by 2022, 82% of all content on social media will be video content. This fact is evident in today’s time, where we see brands focusing on creating engaging video content in the form of Snapchat Stories, Instagram reels, Tiktok videos, etc. Short videos are much more effective in allowing your customers to better understand your brand identity and get an idea about your products and services. 

  • Leveraging social commerce

The pandemic has been a pain point for almost all of the brick and mortar businesses that had to shut down their businesses temporarily during the imposed lockdowns. Many brands realized that it is vital for them to get their hands on social media to facilitate sales and brand awareness. It is expected that in the US, social commerce is going to cross the figures of $39 billion soon. (Figures – Forbes)

  • Live streaming on social media channels

Customers like watching live content, as it gives them a sense of authenticity and longing. Brands have begun on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to create live videos of their products and services. Streaming events, sales, promotions, and products are some of the key strategies to excite customers.

  • Incorporating influencer marketing

Consumers are more likely to use a product or service if they see any of their favorite celebrities using it. Here comes the play of influencer marketing. An increasing number of influencers and the increasing spend on influencers by businesses prove a point that influencer marketing is here to stay. As compared to traditional paid advertising, influencer marketing drives better results and is comparatively cheaper.

  • Facilitating customer service on social media

Customers have actively started to be vocal on social media if they have any complaints or something good to say about any brand. Customers actively tweet, comment, or share pictures to post reviews and it is imperative for brands to be active listeners in these situations. Understanding the pain points of the customers through social media can help brands to provide better customer service to their customers.

  • Focusing on user-generated content

UGC(User-generated content) has always been an important element of the content mix. Leveraging the UGC correctly can help brands to create trust and awareness among users. Whenever it comes to availing of a new product or service, users seek testimonials or reviews from other users, which forms a major portion of the UGC.

It is vital for brands to be ready to fully optimize their social media and keep their social game strong. Every day brings in a new opportunity and every opportunity brings new responsibilities for brands to satisfy their customers.

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