Top 5 customer loyalty building tactics for companies

Over the years, companies all over the globe have imagined and planned extraordinary ways to please and delight customers. Almost every other day we witness an episode of a company going above and beyond to please their customers and build better relationships. Companies often get so attached to what they think their customers want, or what they wanted historically, that they lose sight of what their evolving customer and the evolving environment demands.

Best tactics for building customer loyalty. best ways to create customer loyalty
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The Customer’s Impulse

Good customer service may or may not help in acquiring new customers, but bad customer service will definitely destroy the retention process. Customers are more likely to punish bad services, rather than reward brilliant service. So, we can say that customer loyalty has a lot more to do with the fact that how well do the companies deliver on the basic services rather than the extra dazzling cherry on top. Over the years, this has resulted in the companies losing a lot of customers and revenue. Below are some of the top tactics, we believe could help in  building  customer loyalty for companies. 

Top 5 Tactics to Build Customer Loyalty

So a basic thing that we have to understand is that companies are more prone to build long-lasting customer loyalty by just offering their primary services to solve customer’s problems quickly and efficiently. By just removing the basic obstacles from the course of a customer journey, companies can easily win over a larger chunk of customer loyalty. Now the basic obstacles could be anything from reducing the amount of interactions a customer has to have with the company to being made to jump between different service people over the phone. To overcome this problem, the following are the top 5 tactics that every company should adopt.

1. Don’t just resolve the present issue, already move on to the next one

Companies and the respective managers sometimes tend to overthink a certain feature or a service and get stuck on it. In such a fast-paced environment, companies must be on their toes and move on to the next challenges to provide a seamless experience for the customers. The habit of overthinking a domain sometimes results in over complications and could lead to time delays and over saturation of the desired effect from the service.

2. Addressing the emotional side of customer interactions

Most of the time companies can deliver a solution to the customer but the solution lacks an emotional perspective to it which could really help the companies to win over the loyalty of the customer. Every industry has some set of methods and principles when it comes to providing quick paced seamless solutions to customers, but all this while some companies do not pay the much-needed focus on the actual desires of the customers. For example, each customer calling an airline for a change of flight will have a different temperament and personality.  One customer would be happy with a simple refund which is general practice in the airline industry, meanwhile, another customer may have some emergency and needs to be on the next flight available. The habit of understanding customer emotions can really help companies in the long run. 

3. Using feedback from existing struggling customers

The importance of feedback can never be underestimated, but feedback from a struggling existing customer is worth more than just normal feedback. A struggling customer would be able to tell a better story about where the company should improve their services and the gaps that need to be urgently filled. Companies can focus extra resources in dealing with such customers to reduce churn.

4. Keeping the user experience on the website easy

In today’s world, a website is vital. A  website is a one-stop place for your customers to know everything about the company. Hence, companies need to own websites that have a rich UX design ensuring an easy flow from one page to another to create a hassle-free customer journey. Also, the presence of some user-friendly features such as 24/7 available chatbots and quick query forms can help customers to contact the company easily and be dealt with as smoothly as possible. 

5. Ensuring effective communications within the company

All the employees within the company should be on the same page when it comes to dealing with customers. It does not matter whether it is the operations team, the sales team, or the marketing team; employees need to understand what is the true value proposition of the company that they work for. Such a strategy helps in creating products and services while keeping the customers in mind from day one so that in the future the company is less prone to making mistakes.

At Connect Mór, we believe in these tactics and practice them ourselves. We believe that the customers are truly the king and the need to understand the real desires and the pain points of the customers is highly imperative.

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